Management and artist development

So… you have talent and drive… NOW WHAT?????

At Principle Projects we have watched talented artists, left to their own devices, fail because they didn’t have the know-how and coaching required to avoid costly mistakes. These mistakes rob artists of not only money, but also reputation with decision-makers and, most importantly, time. Principle Management and Artist Development is the tool to guide you through the process of building your team and infrastructure.

Elements could included (based on artists requirements)

  • Set up of administrative elements such as, SOCAN, FACTOR, Provincial funding partners
  • On going management of song writing and funding profiles
  • Co-writing opportunities with other artists
  • Connections to producers who have a good track record
  • Your music pitched to A&R reps with Major and Major Independent labels when you are ready for that step

Monthly fee is negotiated based on requirements. Artist is also responsible for third party costs and expenses.